Siach 2011 successfully laid the groundwork for many collaborations between participants. We are excited to celebrate the following partnerships that have emerged from Siach 2011, which are just a few of the many projects that have come about. We are so happy to have helped facilitate these projects, and we look forward to hearing about many other worthwhile projects in the future.

Updated November 28, 2011

  • Rene Cassin (UK) and MAROM (Budapest) joined together for a conference to promote partnership and cooperation between Jewish and Roma European NGOs.
  • ResponsAbility (UK) and Moishe House (UK) are in conversation with several other organizations about creating an International Social Activists’ Beit Midrash.
  • GIFT(UK) was contacted by a US participant in order to set up an adaptation of GIFT in the US.
  • Following a number of UK Siach participants being inspired by spending time at  IFRC and with representatives from Adamah, Hazon, Jewish Farm School, Kayam Farm, some work is being done to develop the UK Jewish Food Movement with support from Big Green Jewish. Although only in the initial stages, this endeavor hopes to take from the fantastic ideas & projects encountered at Siach and tailor them to a UK context.
  • Teva Ivri (Israel) sponsored an evening on Judaism, the environment and the global Jewish community –inspired by Siach.
  • Teva Learning Center (US) and Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (Israel) are partnering on a project called Kesher Yarok.  It is a curriculum and social media platform that allows teachers in Israel and in the US to teach parallel classes around Judaism and the environment, and then have their students’ dialogue about their findings over the Internet.  The curriculum is in Hebrew and in English.
  • Tzedek (UK) invited Naomi Efrat from Rikma Communities (Israel) to give a series of four lectures at Limmud Fest in the UK about communal living in Israel.
  • Jewish Volunteering Network (UK) forged meaningful links with our American cousins Repair the World (US) and have cross linked and blogged each other accordingly, as well as visiting each others offices in NYC and London. Several SIACH American and Israeli organisations have also registered their overseas volunteering programmes on the JVN website opening out their volunteering opportunities to UK Jews.
  • Bema’aglei Tzedek and Teva Ivri are embarking on their second year of partnership with their program, “Food for Thought: Food and Ethics in Judaism,” a series of lectures on the connection between food and ethics in Jewish thought. This partnership originally formed between members of the Steering Committee as Siach itself was forming!
  • René Cassin is working closely with ATZUM and several other Israeli NGOs that have expertise in the area of prevention of slavery and human trafficking, to formulate a “the Voice of Freedom Project” that empowers former slaves by giving them a camera, photography lessons and therapy so that they may document life after slavery.
  • Teva Ivri collaborated with several other Israeli organizations on a pre – Shabbat Parshat Noach event.

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