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Reliable Money Lenders In Singapore

Reliable Money Lenders In Singapore

Right now, Singapore is one of the most successful cities in Asia. Despite its small size, the said place has been prospering in the fields of business and tourism industry. Because of the great governance of their leading sectors, the city was able to expand its established businesses and institutions and maintain the safety and satisfaction of the visitors.

As being said, hundreds of institutions have built their headquarters and offices within the city’s vicinity with each having various products and services to offer to cope up with the demands of the public. From the local food to the unique souvenirs, financial companies and travel agencies are also present in the place.

Specifically, Singapore has promoted the establishment of financial institutions not just to help foreigners with their non-Singaporean currency but also to help others who are struggling financially. Since money has become a major medium to survive and enjoy life, the list of Licensed Money Lender Singapore has been growing through the years; visit EasyCredit.com.sg to know more.

Compiled below are some of the most reliable money lenders in the city:

Fortune Credit Pte Ltd 

Fortune Credit Pte Ltd is a reputable and licensed money provider in Singapore. They provide solutions regarding financial problems for which can be altered according to the needs of the clients. Also, this company is being regulated by the Ministry of Law in Singapore, thus providing more reliability to its services. Clients are also assured to be provided with the most transparent loan policies the company has for fairness and convenience. With qualifications to their requirements, people would be able to transact the company’s loans which include personal loans, business loans, foreigner loans, pay-day loans, wedding loans, and renovation loans.

GS Credit Pte Ltd

GS Credit Pte Ltd is a money lender that was just established last 2013. After only a few years of its activity, the company was able to receive good feedbacks and reviews from both its employees and clients. Although this provides usual features for loans like a business, foreigner, and personal loans, this transacts and provides quicker loan offers. Moreover, this company also adjusts rates that vary depending on the borrowed amount to compete with the interest rates offered by other companies.

GM Creditz Licensed Moneylender

Unlike any other loaning institutions, GM Creditz aims to provide money for sudden emergencies and a boost to help the client’s plans. This has no hidden fees, only takes 30 minutes for loan approval, and has flexible repayments. Applications within the company are also very convenient because these only take four steps to transact including the application online, visiting the office, finalizing the loan plan, receiving the cash instantly.

365 Credit Solutions

365 Credit Solutions is known for its simple, fast, and secured loan transactions. This company can provide a huge range of amount with no hidden fees, processes loans within just an hour, and receives payments through cash, GIRO, or bank transfer. Also, interest rates for their plans only range within 0 to 1 percent per month.

For their types of loans, their loans are great for the client’s unexpected trips, bills for computers, and medical emergency expenses. Payday loans are created for people who need funds the very instant and agreed to pay them when their salaries come. Foreigner loans are for people who need monetary support; this could be handy in circumstances where clients plan to bring their families in different countries and need money for transitions. Lastly, for their business loans, this helps cover expenses in buying or investing new equipment used for businesses, pay for day-to-day operations, and fund plans for expansion.


It is evident that among all other places in Asia, Singapore can be included as one of the most prosperous cities. With their famous tourist attractions, the place was able to increase the number of travelers visiting every year and expand the businesses built within the vicinity. Yet, this success isn’t just the result of their tourism but also the product of great governance the city has. Since Singapore’s leading sectors have promoted and maintained the institutions that provide services for both the locals and the tourists, the demand and satisfaction of the public was constantly coped.

As an example, hundreds of financial companies are present in the city to help people who are having struggles with their finances. The number of Licensed Money Lender Singapore has been added up through time and millions of people have been provided service; visit EasyFind.sg to know more. Yet, despite hundreds of these companies, only a few of them are known to be reliable. Thus, before going into any transactions, people should check the transparency of the company’s records and their offered policies to avoid getting fraud and scammed.