Shmita Summit, produced by Siach
March 24-27, 2014
London, UK

Six months before the start of the next Shmita year, this summit will bring together approximately 30 thought-leaders and activists from around the world, 10 each from Europe, North America and Israel, to:

  • Gain exposure to Shmita initiatives around the world
  • Deepen their knowledge of Shmita and how it applies in a modern context
  • Gain inspiration from the surrounding London Jewish community
  • Collaborate in ways that maximize the impact of social and environmental justice projects related to Shmita

The first 3 days of the summit will be exclusive to the 30 invited thought-leaders / activists; the 4th day will be a symposium – an opportunity to share Shmita knowledge and action through engaging with the London Jewish community.

In addition, participants are encouraged to spend Shabbat preceding or following the summit in London to teach and serve as “scholars-in-residence” in the local Jewish community. We will connect local Jewish institutions with interested and relevant summit participants, with the hope that they will provide honoraria and cover additional costs for participants’ extended stays.

To maximize the impact of the summit itself, participants will be expected to share information about their programs/projects ahead of the conference, and participate in one regional pre-summit planning and briefing session and one post-conference debrief session.

For more information on participation in the Shmita Summit, please contact your regional staff person:
Limor Friedman (Israel), Claire Nacamuli (UK/Europe), Anna Hanau (New York).


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