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Smart 3-Way Light Switches

Why You Should Have A Smart 3-Way Light Switches?

Have you heard about the controllable lights and switches? If no, then we are here to provide some necessary information regarding this topic. There have been technological up-gradation in recent years. This has paved the way for automatic controls for lights and switches or even bulbs. You can turn off or turn on a switch from two different locations. This has become very popular due to the compact houses.

Let’s take a look at the introduction of these switches from a deeper view.


You cannot deny that sometimes getting up and turning off or on switches is frustrating to work. Nobody wants to leave their comfortable place even for seconds. This made the technicians innovate in this field. Due to this innovation, there are controllable automatic switches. With these types of switches, you can control the switch from 2 different locations. This is an innovative side of typical switches. These switches are for easy and quick control over the switches in your house. There are 3-Way Light Switches, which enables you to control the lights from 2 different locations. You might not know about these switches in a deep. But here we are for accurate and perfect information regarding this topic. Now, let’s take a look at why these types of switches are important in your house.

● Multiple controls

As the name suggests, there are 3 slots that make this type of switch combination useful. Now, talking about the general slot, which is the bulb or lights. This slot is the most important one. This is because every action on any two points will be reflected in this slot. Now, the thing about the other two slots is that they are interconnected with the lights. That means any action taken on both of the switches will be shown on these lights. For example, if your room has 2 doors and only one light switch, it can become a problem. This is because you have to walk to the switch to turn the lights off when you are away from it. This can become a huge issue for busy people rushing at their work or any other destination. Multiple control options enable you to turn off or on the lights from any of the switches present near the door. Therefore, this is one of the major reasons you should have this type of switch in your house.

● Eliminates the chances of short circuits

Short circuits have become quite casual in today’s world. Many of the circuits in recent years have become weak due to many reasons like aging or water inside the walls or even exceed current supply into our house. Due to all these reasons, short circuits have become common now. The traditional combination of switches was pretty direct. This combination is known as a 2-way switch. In these switches, there is no third point, which will change the behavior of lights or any other electric appliance. Therefore, the possibility of short circuits in this type of combination is pretty direct and huge. But, talking about the 3-way switch, there is less chance of a short circuit, or you can say there is no chance of a short circuit. The new wiring and combinations have made it easier to prevent short circuits. This is because the wires are attached to all three points in proper weight. Therefore having this type of switch will prevent your house from being targeted by a short circuit.

● Time saver

In this cruel and busy world, nobody has time for small things. You don’t want to go in the opposite direction while leaving your house of work or any other destination. Imagine you are leaving for your urgent meeting or outing, and you forget to turn off the lights of your room. In this case, you have to climb the stairs of your house to react to your room and turn it off. Quite hectic right? There is a way for you to get rid of this problem. A 3-way switch will do the job for you. If you have this type of switch in your house, you do not have to worry about it. There is an option for you to not climb up the stairs to turn off your lights. You can simply turn it off by staying down the stairs from the alternative switch. This one is one of the most experienced issues faced by many of you nowadays. Therefore, this is also one of the major reasons why you should have this type of switch in your house.

● Free from night haunting

You cannot deny that you have not been in this position ever in your life. This situation is one of the common ones for teenagers and also for adults. You do not want to walk into your room with haunting stares and in the dark. Well, this might be the only option for dealing with that situation. If you have such a light switch in your house, then you can turn off or on the lights of a room without even entering into it. There is not a rocket science behind this three-way switch theory. If you have an alternative switch opposite to your room or down the stairs, then it is much easier for you to turn the lights on. This not only applies to your room but also the living room and, most commonly, a storeroom. This will help you to turn the lights on or off them without getting scared. Therefore, this is an important advantage and a justified reason for having this type of switch in your house.

These are the major reasons why you should have this type of light switch, which is quite useful. You can visit Tuya Smart Home Devices for a wide range of this type of switches at a reasonable price. There are many other advantages and reasons for you to have this type of switch in your house. We hope that this article will provide you the necessary information needed regarding this topic.