Webinar: An Honest Conversation about Gender Segregation

Rachel Azaria at the 2011 Siach Conference

On Tuesday, May 1st,  we held an in-depth discussion about Judaism and gender segregation in Israel and the UK. Recently, these issues have come to light as real life cases have been publicized and sparked massive global attention. This Webinar featured Rachel Azaria and Maureen Kendler, two leading women on gender issues within their Jewish communities, and was moderated by David Rosenn.

Listen to the Webinar:

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Rachel Azaria, a member of the Siach Community and a member of Jerusalem Municipality who was relieved of her duties as a coalition member for her activism in regards to women’s rights in public spheres. Read about her experiences and thoughts.

Maureen Kendler lives and works in the Orthodox British Jewish Community and has grown concerned about recent events connected to the erasure of women in public spaces. Maureen has started to take a deeper look at what is happening at home and away in this area and is sounding a serious warning for the Jewish community about the peril of rendering 52% of its community invisible.

David Rosenn is COO at the New Israel Fund, charged with managing NIF’s day-to-day operations in North America and involved in setting and executing strategy for the organization overall.


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