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16 Fashion Tips Straight from Fashion Gurus

The shirt dress has made a comeback. No, it is not just worn to bed anymore. If worn properly with some chunky accessories, the shirt dress can transform into a great outfit perfect for stepping out for a formal meeting or for a Sunday brunch! Check out 16 ways you can wear your favourite shirt dress!

  1. The Casual, No-effort Look

If you are someone who needs to have pockets to put their things in and hates having no pockets to put your hands into, then four-pocket dress shirts are the right option for you! These are comfortable as well as stylish. They offer a casual look, and if you do not want to look too dressy for an event, this could be your go-to look. Look for a wide belt in your closet to pair it with the dress shirt and finish the look with a pair of shades.

  1. Go for a Complete Girly Look

If you opt for a shirt dress that is made from rayon or silk, it offers a very girly look. For a more casual look, pair it with sandals and a messy bun, and you are ready for a date!

  1. The Perfect Back to School-Look

Tie-dye shirt dress are in vogue now. If you already have one, get it out and pair it some shades, some high-top converse, and a cool backpack. You can do a high ponytail or do a messy braid to complete the look!

  1. The Monochrome look

This is a perfect look for when you are going to work or a date! You do not have to overthink this look as you add a belt over your shirt. Also, grab your favourite handbag to finish the look. For shoes, you can opt for high heeled sandals. Add a necklace and some statement earrings to make it more elegant.

  1. The Boho Look

Everyone loves a well-styled boho look, and no, you do not need a stylist to achieve that look. Get some flat strappy sandals, a hat, and an oversized bag that holds all your things and not just your phone. Oh, and also a belt to tie around your waist and give it more definition. For your hair, beachy waves will look the best, and a little dab of lip gloss will do wonders!

  1. The Sporty Look

You need a loose dress shirt, embellished sneakers, and brightly coloured embellished cap to complete the entire look! Keep the makeup and accessories minimal as you have already added a lot of bling to your look while trying to look sporty!

  1. The Funky Look

Try this funky look if you want to up your fashion game! Get an eye-catching clutch, some funky accessories, high heeled calf-length leather boots, and a brightly colored beret to achieve this look. Go crazy with your accessories in this look, and for your makeup, go bold. Wear a vibrant purple or violet lipstick and catch all the attention!

  1. Not Afraid to Go All-Dark Look

The majority of the females shy away from darker looks or styles, but if you are a fashionista who especially likes edgier or grungy styles, then you should style your shirt dress with a pair of thigh-high black boots and a bold dark makeup. Straighten your hair and let it loose. Either opt for a clutch or leather handbag with this look.

  1. Edgy Is Back

Whether you are a fan of a rock band or not, it does not matter, you can still rock this look. Opt for a cute, brightly colored backpack to add a touch of color to your look. Get your hair curly and get some fishnet stockings and ankle-length suede boots to finish the look. Oh, and also add some black shades!

  1. Add Some Splash of Colors

Done with the edgy looks? It is time for some fun, vibrant looks! Opt for brightly colored shirt dress; get some high heeled thigh-high boots, and an equally bright colored backpack.

  1. The Cutesy Look

Do not like girly looks? Well, no worries, you can still look girly and cute without wearing a dress complete with bows and ribbons. Just add a long bright coloured cardigan over your shirt dress and wear some white sneakers to achieve a cute look.

  1. Denim Over A Dress Shirt

Denim jackets look good when paired with a dress shirt. If you like layering, then throw a denim jacket over your favorite dress shirt and pair it with high heeled boots. Get some round-shaped shades and add a choker instead of a necklace. For your hair, you can do like a little African braid.

  1. The Not-Too-Dressy Look

A simple white shirt dress and a pair of vans can do wonders. Add a designer handbag if you have any and then do a little messy high bun. Grab some rectangle shapes shades and voila you are ready to head out and get heads turning!

  1. Cropped Jeans and Dress Shirt combo

Long shirt dress with slits on the sides look great with skinny cropped jeans. If you want, you can pair it with sneakers to achieve a casual look, or you can add high heeled pumps to make it classier.

  1. Shirt Over A Shirt Look

Yes, this may sound strange, but it is not when you try it on! Tie a simple t-shirt around your waist over your shirt dress and see the difference! Wear a pair of sneakers or vans and opt for some beachy waves!

  1. The Classic Look

Some love the classic style, and if you are one of them, grab some striped shirt dress, Gladiator heeled sandals, bright colored clutch and matching shades, and watch.

There are lots of style you can apply with a shirt dress. You can have the freedom to style it the way you want it. If you are looking to buy some shirt dresses online, you can head over to Yishion online shopping site.